Brigya’s History

Brigya is a ‘Dried Fig and Chestnut’ brand that was founded in 2020 but has not yet come to light in terms of infrastructure creation, or even its name has not been heard. Although Brigya is not very old, the place where its name was inspired and founded is Turkey’s ‘Birgi’ Village, whose history dates back to ancient times. Our family is one of the oldest locals of the region and one of the largest producers of Dried Figs & Chestnuts. Birgi is among the 32 villages on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is a historical village that has hosted many civilizations throughout its history and came under the rule of the Phrygian Civilization, Lydian Civilization, Persian Kingdom, Pergamum Kingdom, Rome, Byzantium and finally the Ottoman Empire. Our family was introduced to fig and chestnut production in the early 1800s, learned and applied the correct agricultural practices of the period, supported the local people in many matters such as fig and chestnut planting and processing, and also did business. Brigya produces chestnuts and figs on an area of approximately 200,000 m2. Dried figs and chestnuts, which used to be processed individually by hand, are now packaged untouched in our production facilities.


We are proud to have been supporting the production of Dried Figs and Chestnuts, one of the products in which our country has the most influence in the world, with the same devotion for years.


To carry forward the production of dried figs and chestnuts by blending what we learned from our ancestors, combining Tradition with Innovation, without losing our determination to work from those days until today, without getting bored or tired.